Bond Cleaning / End of Lease Cleaning

Avoid the frustration of an end of lease clean and call the team at Newcastle Bond Cleaning. Everyone knows the nerves of finishing up a lease, spending hours cleaning your property only to have a property manager come in and tell you it’s not good enough after 5 minutes. This can cause delay in receiving your bond back and even be marked on your rental history. With Newcastle bond cleaning, that stress disappears. Our fully insured workers will clean your house to the highest standard ensuring that your property manager is happy!

Even better, in the rare event that the property manager has a grievance, we will come back to remediate the issue at no extra cost. We guarantee of our work!

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning helps bring carpets back to their original glory, but for an end of lease clean, it can mean removal of stains and marks that a vacuum will not get out. It also leaves the property looking fresh and smelling clean.

Require a Flea and Pest Spray?

It is now common for landlords in NSW to request a flea and pest spray of a rental property when rending with animals! Newcastle Bond Cleaning can provide this at an additional charge, and we provide certification that this has been completed! The pest spray can be done on the same day as your clean and

Make sure you read your rental agreement! Whilst many leases will only require a flea treatment, some will require a full pest spray is completed! We can help you with both!

What is fair wear and tear?

You are not responsible for fair wear and tear, such as, Faded curtains or frayed cords, Furniture indentations on carpet, Scuffed up wooden floors, Faded, chipped or cracked paint.

However you are liable for damage, things like, Missing or torn curtains, Stains or burn marks on the carpet, Badly scratched or gouged wooden floors, an Unapproved paint job.